SMM C/P images

I have found these images at the HAO website:

Our Moon. The field of view of the SMM C/P instrument is quite small, about 1.5 x 1.5 degree.
There are about nine "hot spots" (no stars) in this image.
Indicated are the direction to Solar North and the diameters of the solar disk and of the occulter.

Jupiter and its moons. Jupiter (mag -1.6) is at the left border of the image together with Ganymed
(mag 5.6) to the upper right of Jupiter and the merged image of Io (mag 6.0) and Europe (mag 6.3)
very close to Jupiter at the upper right. Callisto is outside the field of view.

The limiting magnitude of these images is close to mag 6.5.

Solwind 5 (C/1984 O2). Using the Solwind images I have estimated the brightness of Solwind 5 as
mag -1.5.

The next SMM image of Solwind 5 is about 95 minutes later (one revolution around the Earth later) than the first one

Images of the first four SMM comets:

SMM 1 & SMM 2