The C3 non-group comet of 2000 Nov 10/11 and C/2001-T5

I have found this comet in archival C3 images of 2000 November 10/11 on 2005 April 14. It moved close to the projected path of C/2001 T5:

Shown are the C2 field of view and the orbit of C/2001 T5 as it would appear in C3 2000 Nov 11.0 UTC.

White crosses indicate the positions of the new comet at 20:18 and 00:42 UTC and the perihelion position of C/2001 T5.

The numbers give the velocity of 2001 T5 in pixel/hour for C3. The new comet moved with 12.6 pixel/hour between 20:18 and 00:42 UTC.

The new comet seems to follow the path of C/2001 T5 very well.

I have added a third position (for 04:30 UTC) measured by Karl Battams.

Orbital computations by Brian Marsden (2005 April 15) showed very similar orbital elements for the two comets:

Designation T q peri node incl L B
C/2000 V4 2000 Nov 11.46 0.0503 180.01 324.91 54.97 144.9 0.0
C/2001 T5 2001 Oct 15.77 0.0476 179.51 327.74 55.26 147.5 0.4

Brian Marsden wrote (MPEC 2005-G93):

C/2000 V4 appears to be related to C/2001 T5 (MPEC 2001-V10). This was pointed out by R. Kracht prior to the derivation of the above positions and the orbit computation.

Both comets were remeasured by Karl Battams in 2021 July. He noted for C/2001 T5 "C3: elongated, diffuse, poor obs" and for C/2000 V4 "C3: elongated, slightly diffuse". My orbital solutions from the new measurements are:

Designation T q peri node incl L B
C/2000 V4 2000 Nov 11.45 0.0498 179.74 326.67 54.53 146.5 0.2
C/2001 T5 2001 Oct 15.75 0.0498 176.28 329.77 57.21 147.8 3.1

For C/2000 V4 12 of 12 measured positions were used with RMS = 14.05".
For C/2001 T5 19 of 32 measured positions were used with RMS = 21.51".

Rainer Kracht, 2022 January 05